GCL currency enables the GCL Gaming platform to provide the most seamless user experience in online esports. Gamers simply attach their gaming account (PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, etc.) and our systems will connect to the API of the games being played. From there we can calculate your rank in accordance to other players and determine your leader board position. Based on your leader board position you will be rewarded with more or less GCL currency.
GCL is a cryptocurrency designed for gamers. It is a blockchain based in-game currency with digital scarcity. GCL could be compared to V-bucks, the difference being GCL has real value and is completely owned by its holder. GCL is mined by gamers competing in esport titles. It can be used for decreasing/eliminating daily reward fee, purchasing blockchain registered microtransactions, e-commerce, etc.
GCL will always aim to provide the most popular game titles. Compete in games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Dota 2, PUBG, Rocket League etc. Please contact us for any specific game requests: grant@gclgaming.com
GCL Gaming is a free to play platform. Gamers are able to receive payment for free because the act of competing in esport titles creates new GCL currency. The creation of GCL currency is not an overhead cost on the player or the organization.
GCL Gaming requires its users to create an account with GCL Gaming and attach their online gaming account (PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, etc.). After doing so GCL Gaming requires its user to create a self custodian wallet in order to store their earned GCL Currency. This security measure is taken to reduce the possibility of hacking as well as put GCL Gaming users completely in charge of their own funds. GCL is not a wager site. This means those located in areas where skill based betting is banned can compete on GCL Gaming, as long as they are above 13 years of age. GCL Gaming does not ask for debit or credit card information. GCL Gaming aims to be the most globally inclusive esport platform.

GCL Roadmap

  • November 2018 The mission to create a free to play esport ecosystem that rewards performance was established.
  • May 2019 New website, white paper publication, and fundraising prep.
  • Q4 2020 - Q1 2021 1 million + users a year after launch.
  • April 2019 White Paper Peer-Review.
  • Q4 2019 - Q1 2020 GCL Platform and cryptocurrency Launch.
November 2018

The Vision to create a 0 entry esport platform through the distribution of GCL was created.

April 2019

White Paper Peer-Review.

May 2019

New website, white paper publication, and fundraising prep.

Q4 2019 - Q1 2020

GCL Platform and cryptocurrency Launch.

Q4 2020 - Q1 2021

1 million + users a year after launch.


Financial Management
Currency Development
Website Development
Community Development

Team Members


Grant Scholl

Co-Founder and CEO

Grant is a Co-Founder and CEO of GCL Gaming. He started in the blockchain industry consulting for companies and hosting events at schools and institutions. He is now focused on GCL and the Cardano blockchain.

Aidan Rankin-Williams

Co-Founder and COO

Aidan is a Co-Founder and COO of GCL Gaming. He has a passion for working towards innovation demonstrated by his work with Nike, EMURGO, Funnychain, and TokenDrop. Aidan also loves video games making GCL the crossroads of his passions.

Grant Barnes

Co-Founder and CMO

Grant Barnes is a Co-Founder and CMO of GCL Gaming. He founded his company Growth Social Media which provides premier social media marketing for numerous organizations, companies, and public figures. He provides extensive entrepreneurial knowledge and demonstrates a high understanding of blockchain.

Nikolai Degtiarev

Technical Product Manager

Nikolai has an MS in Computer Science with specialization in Data Mining. He is an experienced product manager with a background in SaaS, Marketplaces, Software platforms, Telecommunications, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency platforms. Nikolai also specializes in platform-oriented start-ups and has been a part of 18+ successful start-up projects.

George Melnik

Senior Full Stack Developer

George is very passionate about engineering software systems, developing tools and products that benefit people. He is a Full Stack Developer with 5+ years of experience of C# and 2+ years of experience with Java in web development. George also has 1.5 years of Haskell and LISP programming C#.

Arseniy Rubtcov

Full Stack Developer

Arseniy has an MS in Experimental Physics and is passionate about AI, NLP, and dialogue systems. He is a Software developer with 5 years of experience, demonstrating proficiency in web technologies and functional programming including Haskell and 1+ years experience with F#.

Ekaterina Sokolova

Front-End Developer

Ekaterina has a BS in Computer Science and experience with Haskell, scalable data intensive systems, and WebRTC. She also has 8 years of commercial web-portals development, and was a team member for many commercial success projects, such as StarOfService.com.


Full Stack Developer

Maksim has a passion for finding solutions for non-standard problems. He holds a BS in Computer Science, 2+ years experience developing Functional Systems with F#, Haskell and R programming language, 4+ years of C# and PHP.

Vladislav Vanushkin

DevOps and System Operation Engineer

Vladislav holds a BS in Computer Science. He also has 3+ years experience of DevOps for SaaS projects/products and 5+ years as a system operation engineers in Enterprise level projects.

Adam Nicolopolus


Adam Nicolopoulos is the Founder and President of ADN Capital Ventures, a global infrastructure finance and investment banking advisory firm, advising on 30 deals with aggregate value of $3.5 billion. He has led teams that advised over eight governmental entities (including ministries of finance and transportation), Closed 16 transactions with $6+ billion of aggregate values, and two “deal-of-year” awards in transport infrastructure in Europe.